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What kind of organization is The ToyMakers? We are a not-for-profit corporation - IRS approved 501(c)(3) - organization that consists entirely of volunteers who make simple wooden toys for sick and needy children in the Tampa Bay area.

All of our toys are designed to be safe and contain no nails, screws, or staples. We use child-safe paint and round off all sharp corners.

We  currently have approximately 25 men and women who devote their time to making toys. Several thousand toys are completed and donated every three months. Since 1982, we have donated over 240,000 toys to sick and needy children primarily in the Tampa Bay area but also to other countries through missionary and military friends.

We survive solely on the generosity of our sponsors and fellow toy makers. One hundred percent of all materials and money donated to our organization is used in the making of these toys. Distribution of our toys is directly to the children through well recognized agencies.

How Can You Help?

Time - Materials - Money - We are looking to find both individuals and organizations that would like to help the ToyMakers reach their goal of providing a steady flow of wooden toys to the sick and needy children in the Tampa Bay area. Since there is a large demand, we would also like to increase  the number of volunteers who make the toys so that more toys can be produced.

We have a variety of jobs available to any one who has some free time. You can work at our workshop or take work home. Several members like to paint, so they take toys home to paint and return them when they are done. You are under no schedule and can work at your own pace. You can pick one operation you like and just do that; for example, sanding, drilling holes, painting, or assembling. Some members have home workshops and like to build toys from scratch to completion. You pick your level of involvement and what you like to do.

Not sure or don't know how? That's OK! We will teach you everything you need to know to build toys! We furnish all the paint, the wood, and the supplies you need - there is no cost to you other than your donation of time.

We survive on donations that come from both individuals and organizations. We need donations of materials such as wood and paint. We need money donations to buy wheels, axles, and supplies such as sandpaper, saw blades, drills, etc. One hundred percent of all donations goes to the supplies and material required to make these toys. No one receives any compensation for their time. If you or your organization would like to learn more about us, please Contact Us.

Please help us continue bringing smiles
to the sick and needy children in the Tampa Bay area!

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